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where angels lose their way

29 December
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honest to god, I'll break your heart, tear you to pieces and rip you apart
I'm Tiffany, a 27-year-old girl born in Connecticut and currently living in Wonderland Georgia. Most people call me Tif. I currently reign as the Queen of Hearts work for a newspaper and am also attending an online college.

I live with my boyfriend of 7+ years, Joe. We have one ninja cat named Yuffie. I spend most of my time reading, playing video games, watching TV, and roleplaying. I am a relatively boring person but I kind of like it that way.

Want to know more?
The journal is friends only. It is a personal journal; I just talk about my boring life and periodically rant or obsess. I am a bit of a stalker, so don't add me unless you want me to comment and ask a lot of obnoxious questions about your life.

I am not child or work safe. I say "fuck" a lot. I'm a politically incorrect, mildly offensive liberal. I think Hitler jokes are funny. I think everything is funny. I don't believe in censorship. I give unsolicited, bad advice. I have this big problem with never being able to shut up once I get started talking.

I'm looking for friends who update about their real lives—people I can get to know. Fandom and graphics are great and all, but I prefer to keep most of it in communities.
There are far too many to list in my profile, but some of my favorite things in the world include: Hulu, my Snuggie, meatloaf, roleplaying, video games, Hello Kitty, Disney, baking, miniature versions of things, Whedon shows, banana pancakes, Pokemon, YA novels, serial killers, bloody noses, cake, Harry Potter, wearing pajamas, Final Fantasy, and cats.

You can see a more detailed list of all my favorite things here.
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